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Dr. Victor Paul Valdez of Cornerstone Family Dentistry in Tustin, CA provides the finest dental care in a modern state-of-the-art facility. Patient care is his #1 priority. With a dental team that constantly pursues continuing education, we are able to keep up with the latest information, technology, trends, cutting-edge techniques, the best and safest materials and equipment available in the market. We have been blessed to serve 4 generations of families who come together under one roof. The best compliment we get each day is the referrals from our loyal and appreciative patients. There are no surprises! Our staff takes time to discuss treatment plans with patients, coordinate and work with and offer easy, flexible financial arrangements. Our goal is to provide the highest quality of dental care in a friendly, caring, professional environment with emphasis on prevention, patient education and high ethical standards to help our patients have optimal oral health and happy, healthy lives.

About Dr. Valdez

Dr. Victor Paul C. Valdez, Jr. came to the OC in 1988 at the encouragement of a pastor-friend after practicing in the Eagle Rock/Glendale area for 3 years. Dentistry is his life’s passion as both of his parents are dentists (now retired). As a toddler, he tagged along after dinner when all his parents’ patients had left and they did their lab cases. In the old days, they did their own lab work. On weekends, he would wear his white dentist uniform and be in the dental office. When patients asked for Dr. Valdez, he proudly pointed to himself (in complete dentist garb) and responded, “I am Dr. Valdez!”

At the University of the Philippines College of Dentistry (the premier university in the Philippines), he was the youngest in his class having started college at 14 years old, graduated from dental school, and passed the dental board exams at age 21. He was later offered a World Health Organization post-grad scholarship in Australia but the funding ran out, so fortunately he ended up in the US instead.

Dr. Valdez started his own practice in the OC from scratch, just by word of mouth. Original patients are still in his practice and now there are 4 generations of patients coming to Cornerstone for their dental work.

Laser Dentistry

How we use lasers to stand out!

Laser Dentistry

The miracle that we've all been waiting for is finally here! Dentistry that is stress-free,comfortable and keeps your child's teeth in top condition without the use of a needle or drill. Solea® is a powerful new dental laser that acts like a drill - without any of the drill's unpleasant side effects. It's virtually undetectable and doesn't vibrate or make any scary noises. In fact, nearly every patient can have treatment without needles or numbing. Your child can go back to school or have play time immediately after their appointment! Solea® is our way of keeping you and your child happy. If mom and dad want to take advantage of Solea®, then they are more than welcome too. Because more than anything, we love to see the whole family smile.


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